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5th Anniversary!

On 4/20 3.5 Geeks will turning 5! Yes it’s been 5 year since we launched are frist podcast. So on Saturday 6:00 pm you can come see us live on YouTube streaming! We will playing super smash bros ultimate. Click the link below for are YouTube channel. So come join in the action!

3.5 Geeks YouTube Channel

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New Patreon Update

New tiers have gone up! Check them out!

Level 1.5
$10 or more per month
You *cast* a spell on some *pods* and made it out alive! But this is only the beginning. ( You gain access to a once-a-month Patreon-exclusive 3.5 Geeks podcast and all lower tiers. )

Level 2
$15 or more per month
You enter the lair of The Dragon. Prepare your soul! ( You gain access to our monthly Patreon-exclusive Dungeons & Dragons homebrew creations and all lower tiers. )