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Sorry everyone but my life feel in to chaos after PAX East. I caught the flu bug that was going on and between having move on the 31th it was a bad time. Now the Dust is settle and i am living with my my wife’s mother for awhile. With a little rest and some time i will back to editing and doing 3.5 Geeks things. A lot videos and podcast coming soon and some live streams. I Can’t wait to be back! One other thing 3.5 Geeks will be turning 3 soon!

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Pax East Tickets

Want to go to PAX East? For free? For Friday at least? :p

Our friends at 3.5 Geeks have a spare pass for PAX East – Friday only. If you are interested, post a picture of your favourite video game character as a reply to this message. If you’re not interested, please share this message and tag your friends who might be interested. I will randomly select a winner on Monday night. Thanks to Nathan Towns!