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Just one more day and it will be 5 years of 3.5 Geeks! On the 4/20 at 6:00 PM we be Live streaming on YouTube with a few good friends. Come join us live as we celebrate 5 years of fun, entertainment and everything Geeky! Click the link below to go right to are YouTube channel!

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New Patreon Update

New tiers have gone up! Check them out!

Level 1.5
$10 or more per month
You *cast* a spell on some *pods* and made it out alive! But this is only the beginning. ( You gain access to a once-a-month Patreon-exclusive 3.5 Geeks podcast and all lower tiers. )

Level 2
$15 or more per month
You enter the lair of The Dragon. Prepare your soul! ( You gain access to our monthly Patreon-exclusive Dungeons & Dragons homebrew creations and all lower tiers. )