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Aaahhh Progress

Back in the olden days, when I was a wee lass of 30-ish, I coded websites by hand; using Notebook and Xnview and HTML 4. These websites were good! They were functional! I had a lawyer, a church, a photographer(oi, the script on that one), a small family foundation… All with nothing but me and my keyboard.

Now I’m not going to knock WordPress, cause that would be stupid since we’re using it; and I’m sure it makes thing much easier for folks who don’t know how to do the coding thing. Also it’s a damn sight better than Drag and Drop. ::shudder:: But still, there’s such a thing as too much progress.

Give me Notepad and PSP 7 and I will build you a website in half the time it took me to set this silly thing up with far less aggravation and trying to navigate to find the things you need to make the changes you want where you want them.

Just sayin’.