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Port Con!!!

We’re going to be filming and recording a live panel podcast alongside you, the listener! 3.5 Geeks is a semi-biweekly podcast focusing on the excitement of being a geek in this day and age and all the things that being a geek means to us and to you. “If you can geek out about it, we’ll talk about it.” Anime, video games, TV, movies, superheroes, even history and spirituality and progressive social issues, we attempt to tackle them all in our lunkheaded, slapdash, makeshift way– and to have fun doing it! For three years, 3.5 Geeks has heralded the rise of geekdom and championed kindness to our fellow geeks, and we live for and love interacting with our audience! Hosted by Nathan Towns and co-hosted by Matthew I. Bishop and Kimber McLeod, we know that geekdom is serious business, but so help us we can’t keep a straight face!

3.5 Geeks are filming and recording a live podcast full of geekery and audience engagement!


Sunday Breakwater 4pm-5pm